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Forms of Embellishment

What is Embellishment?

The short answer: Decoration, on anything, with anything.

The Long Answer: The most commonly thought of forms of embellishment in the SCA seem to be needlework, embroidery, and decoration of garments and linens and home furnishings. However, embellishment can also be done with paints on wood or leather, with stamps and engraving tools on wood, leather and metal, with threads and other items on textiles, and on many other materials in many other media. In fact, embellishment is making just about anything more attractive by decorating it. Of course, we, as a Guild, are focused upon the ways items were embellished during the accepted SCA period of study.

German Embroidery on a small Bag (by Aelianora de Wintringham)

Handmade Buttons: Needleweaving on a Wooden Core (by Aelianora de Wintringham)

Turkish Rose Pouch by Farida al Hadi'ata


See more examples on the Guild Sample Box page.

Forms of Embellishment Accepted by the Guild

Forms are generally divided by material/media and technique. There is also an 'other' category under each material/medium. This category is used to suggest new forms for that material/medium when challenging. If the new form is approved, it'll be added to the acceptable forms list under the appropriate material/medium. For a printable copy of the forms list go here. The forms are listed on the last 4 pages.

All forms of embellishment should be executed upon period appropriate items if those items are to be submitted for challenging the ranks of the Guild. Period appropriate means the item and the form of embellishment come from the same time frame and location and both are acceptable to the SCA.

Note: A form may be consecutively challenged for increasing ranks up to three (3) times providing that each time the form is challenged it increases in knowledge. A form may not be challenged successfully at the same level of knowledge twice, improvement must be shown.

NEW! Note: Forms that are not completely documented as being period (e.g. we have tools but no extant pieces; for example, lucet cord in which we have tools but no actual cord) can only be challenge to competency level and no further. As soon as it is documented that these forms are period, they can be challenged to expert level.

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