Embellishers' Guild Badge The Embellishers' Guild of AnTir


Guild Minister and Web Mistress:

Aelianora de Wyntringham
(mka Rikke Giles)
Email: guildminister< at >antirembellishers.org
or admin < at > antirembellishers.org

Overall Challenge Deputy/Officer:

Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes
Email: challenge_deputy < at > antirembellishers.org

Hartwood Challenge Deputy/Officer

Lady Guencendl (Gwynafel) ben Madudhain
Email: hartwood_challenge_deputy < at > antirembellishers.org


The members' database is Live as of Early July 2016. Some things to note:

  • We've put in all the records we have. If your records are not here, that is because we do not have them.
  • Every challenge we know about is listed. If your challenge is not listed, contact the Minister or Challenge Deputy (emails above).
  • Most members are listed as 'Inactive'. If you have recently joined, or recently challenged you are listed as 'active'. If you have recently spoken to the Guild Minister about Guild activities or concerns, you are listed as 'active'. If you consider yourself active in the guild, but are not listed as such, contact the Guild Minister and ask to be so listed.
  • In about 6 months or more, all those members listed as 'inactive' will disappear from the online database view. The records will remain, they will just not be visible. To have them made active, contact the Guild Minister.
  • If a date is unknown it is listed as 1999-01-01.
  • Suggestions and Ideas about the Database are very welcome. Here's what should be coming soon:
    • Teaching/Mentoring records entered and online: Working on this in Feb/March 2017!
    • A list of challenge data (when and where challenges were held)
    • Ability for Guild Admin and Regional Guild Admin to update and edit the members database

Access the Database

Connect to the Database here: Members Database Page

If you have anything you'd like to add to this website, please email the Guild Webmistress.

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